Kayak and Tube Float Trips on the North Fork River


kayak float trips north fork riverFrom a kayak or tube, the charm of the North Fork quietly reveals itself on its own terms.
In the rising slopes of the Ozarks, enormous ridges and rising bluffs come gradually into view through the trees lining the riverbank. We float past lonesome country lanes, quiet meadows, deep woods and high mountainsides bathed in the sun. This is a small world apart made especially for canoeing. It is intimacy without equal.

Our river is considered a Class I and II. Class I is smooth flat water with little or no current or rapids. Class II may have a faster moving current with small rapids. There are several types of water north fork river float tripson the river. There is some dead water, places where there isn’t any current and you will have to paddle through these pools. The river often narrows down and picks up speed and you will have alot of current in these places. Occasionally the river runs over rocks producing small riffles, but no true white water.

Join us…you can paddle the Northfork for two hours or two days, or more. There are quiet sections, and quickwater. The choice is yours. Your trip begins at our store. We’ll give you a map and go over your route to point out the particularly interesting places to see, swim, picnic awhile, as well as the difficult spots.

Then you’re off on your own to enjoy crystal-clear water that alternately tumbles, sparkles and flows as the river winds along it’s way.

north fork river float trips tubesAt the end of your trip one of our buses will meet you and bring you back to our campground. You should be aware that obstructions exist in the river. Our maps, pointers and briefing must not be complete. The river is a living force that is changing constantly. We can only point out only factors that we are aware of and it is your responsibility to know your limits and stay within them.

Toobtime…This fun tube float runs approximately 1/4 mile along the river! Children of all ages can put their tubes in and float down to the designated takeout spot. Then just take the tubes out and walk raft floats north fork riverback up to the starting point and do it all over again! Guests will be able to relax along our gravel bar while the kids float, play in the river and look for shells in the sand!

Tubes are rented for use within the campground portion of the river ONLY. No tube rentals for float trips.

no litteringLitter
All forms of trash must be carried off the river. You are responsible for leaving the river with everything you brought with you. An unexpected upset is not excuse. All food and beverages must be in a locking cooler, and no glass bottles on the river…never, ever! Please take a minute and pick up any trash you might find that is left by inconsiderate river users. Leave nothing behind except the path of your paddle.

We are All Responsible

The secret for all river users boils down to just a few things: communicate, be flexible, be reasonable, and use common sense. We are all caretakers of this river for future generations, so take care of it like it is your own house…because it is.