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I went on a canoe trip here yesterday with several good friends. For most of us, it was our first time canoeing in a river, but we were accompanied by two well experienced canoers and some partial experienced canoers. There was a lot to love about the place. Fun people, cool bus ride, available bathrooms, convenience shop, helpful staff, available restaurant, rentable canoes and kayaks.. It's really a great place. However I do have two strong complaints that I hope will be taken into consideration to improve the quality of the experience.

The first is less severe, but still a big issue. We rented four canoes, and all were good except one. We didn't notice, until my feet started to be blanketed by water, that there were two cracks in the back of the canoe, about 3-4 inches long. The canoe collected water just fast enough to be irritating and cause us to worry and pull over frequently to empty it...needless to say that this caused us to take a much longer trip than planned which was frustrating to the family members that expected to hear back from us at a certain time and worried when they didn't. We traded canoe partners so that two of the skinniest of us were in the damaged one, and that helped some.

The second thing: My canoe partner (one of the experienced people) and I flipped twice and crashed once without flipping. Two of the other canoe duos flipped as well. And so did several others that were ahead of us in a different group. None of us knew the river except for the two experienced canoers, but they have never gone the day after a rain, and so they didn't know how it would affect the river. They never experienced so many accidents before this trip. Now, when I say we "flipped".. I don't mean one of us acted dumb and tipped the canoe over and I got my hair and makeup wet so I'm gonna complain about it.. When I say "flipped", I meant the rushing water completely took over, colliding us into trees and other canoes, causing us to turnover and I was flipped underneath the canoe, inhaling water-being as I didn't get a chance to take a breath and everything happened so fast-and the canoe flipped on top of me and almost kept me under. I honestly didn't think I'd ever breath again. I thought I was going to die. Thankfully though I managed to escape the impact of the the rushing canoe and find land. Where we wrecked, there were already a bunch of other people on the shore, gathering themselves and their things from also wrecking. They helped us collect everything we could find after turning over. My friend lost her prescription glasses and couldn't see well for the rest of the trip and will now have to buy new ones. The second time we flipped the canoe filled up most of the way with water, the rest of the group was ahead of us so it was just me and my friend trying to stop the canoe and our stuff and ourselves on flat and slick rock bottom. I managed to wedge the canoe into a fallen tree and then the two of us (young women might I add, not strong men) had to shove the canoe, filled with gallons and gallons of water up the fallen tree's incline in order to dump the water without filling it back up. We only figured to do that after we had managed to dump it once most of the way but the water was so fast and strong that it filled it right back up. Meanwhile we were trying to keep our footing as the water was rushing us, and again, the rock bottom was slick. When we crashed without flipping, it ws scary but we made it out with minimal damage. However we were very scared after what happened the first time we flipped, as mentioned earlier.

The reason I am bringing this to the staff's attention is because I feel that this could have been avoided if the business rejected, or at least bluntly a thoroughly warned everyone before they bought there tickets, that it had rained quite a bit the day before and therefore the river would be fuller and faster and more dangerous. Then if we decided to go anyway, we'd only have ourselves to blame. However, none of us knew that the river would be so much more dangerous yesterday.

In conclusion, I want to be clear that I am not in anyway dissing the business, as I did enjoy everything else about the trip. But I hope that sharing my experience will help make the business better and safer.
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Come Stay with Us!
We’re excited about our new look! We can’t wait for you to come and see it! We keep our prices down to be sure you can afford a wonderful getaway! Whether you’re a tent enthusiast or prefer the comforts of home, Twin Bridges has the perfect accommodations for you!

Located on the banks of the beautiful North Fork River and surrounded by the Mark Twain National Forest, Twin Bridges is the ideal location for your weekend getaway or family vacation. We provide quality float trips in canoes, rafts, kayaks or tandem kayaks (2 seater). Trout fishing for browns and rainbows is excellent in the clear, cold waters of this spring-fed stream. Turkey and deer abound providing exciting Spring and Fall hunting expeditions. Lodging includes cabins and exclusive log homes on the river that sleep up to 12, as well as riverfront camping. Our general store is well stocked with supplies to make your stay a pleasant one.

twin bridges canoe campground trout fishingRV Camping, canoeing and store open YEAR ROUND! Free firewood for overnight guests.

To Provide High Quality Floating Activities in a Family Oriented Environment.
Your Hosts, Nolan & Angela Pool, Judy Osborne and Don Mealy


Hello! First of all I want to thank you for having our group last weekend at your campsite. We definitely want to return next year. It was family-friendly, clean, and spacious. We had a blast and the canoeing was great. The river was beautiful!
– SkillPath Seminars

I have already made a reservation and wanted to say thanks. I can tell you that the lady that took our reservation was the kindest and most informative of all the people working the places that we have used in the past 3 years. Thank you again.
– Kimberly

Thank you! We were excited to find you on the internet. You have the easiest website to use and we are very impressed with your prices!
– Jennifer

We recently returned from one of the best experiences of our families’ lives – a 4 day camping trip to Twin Bridges. I just wanted to say Thank You to you and all your employees. You have the greatest bunch of people working for you. Everyone was so courteous and helpful. Any thing that was needed – they were right there with a smile and a helping hand. It was the best camping experience we’ve ever had, and are already making plans to return next year. Thanks again.
– Kenny & Sharon, Nixa, MO (also 3 daughters, 3 sons-in-law, and 8 grandchildren)

Just wanted to write a quick note and let you know that we really enjoyed ourselves this past weekend at Twin Bridges. I was a part of the Burton group. Our family has been coming to Twin Bridges at least once a summer (if not more) for the last several years. We’ve never left disappointed. We were lucky enough to stay in our favorite camp site, the bathrooms and showers were clean, and once again the food was terrific. We love the little gal that does your cooking! Your entire staff is very courteous and helpful and look forward to coming back probably in September and each year after. We’ve recommended several of our friends over the years to your facility. Out of all the places we’ve canoed, your place “takes the cake!” Keep up the great work! Thanks again to all of you.
– Sara, Chillicothe Iron & Steel, Inc.